Course Reflection

Originally I took this course because i thought it would be interesting and really cause i needed the credits. But as the semester went by I enjoyed coming to class because I discovered that I had been lying to myself by saying that I was not an artist and that I had no artistic talent. I realize that art is more that just being able to draw or paint something. I also learned not to be so critical of myself. Art is something where everything is up to interpretation and there is no set right or wrong. Overall i really enjoyed the class and may even consider taking another art class of some kind.


Self Portrait

IMG_20141201_144244 IMG_20141203_134051 IMG_20141203_144026 IMG_20141208_134353 IMG_20141208_142241 IMG_20141208_150408

This was one of the projects that i liked the most because it was a new and different technique and it also taught me a lot about myself. Im not one of those people that like to spend hours looking in the mirror so that was something that i had trouble with and also had to start from the center of my nose and work outward without making an outline was new for me.  I also had trouble creating my skintone because I have dark skin so the idea of creating dark by making something light was super confusing but I still think it is too dark yet I was apprehensive about taking away too much. The nose and lips are definitely “me” but the eyes could use a lot more work. Over all I enjoyed this project because I actually had to focus on my features and what makes me different and unique compared to everyone else.

Stronggeo Centrolone (Geo)

So the animal i created was a mixture of sea urchin and sea tortoise. Geo’s superpower is fighting water pollution and depletion of the ozone layer. He crawls around the ocean and other bodies of water and the chemicals and pollution stick to his body. He sucks the pollution in and inside his stomach it is turned into a gas that is released when he travels on land. The gas has the ability to help repair the damage that has been done to the ozone layer.Geo and the other members of his species can live in the water and on land but they spend most of their time in the water.

The material I used were one of those bouncy squishy balls that children play with that seem to attract all types of dirt and trash. I used pvc pipes to get the shape for his neck and face which i wrapped in blue tape because it complimented the bright green and was similar to colors that are found in underwater environments.


Visual Box

While I love the object I chose to create light and dark deminsions for my box the end result was not so good. I liked the idea of q tips because its not something that people think about and I had a lot cause I buy them but never use them.In the end it didn’t translate as well when all the different patterns were intertwined yet on paper it was more noticeable.If I could redo it I would add in the element of changing the color along with the focus.
One thing that really surprised me was the various items that people chose to make their patterns with because nothing was ordinary or obvious.My favorite box was #1 because you could tell it was a box yet the curl of the hair added this element of illusion so it allowed the brain to make interpretations instead of having everything defined so sharply.

Still life chair

I never thought drawing a chair could be so complicated. Starting off i was full of energy and really excited about my artistic project. I had never worked with charcoal or used the string method before but I still envisioned myself creating this wonderful masterpiece. After the first class period working on the drawing my hopes had greatly faded. I found that my need to be perfect was a big factor on how i interpreted my own work. Working with the charcoal it was impossible to clearly erase mistakes and that bothered me more than having to constantly resize or remeasure something. In the end i was about 80% happy with the way that my chair turned out. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried my chiar just remained crooked like the leaning tower I had a leaning chair.

Self Representation

So I know this isn’t the actual image that I drew for class but I feel like its the look that I was going for (minus the color)and still conveys the meaning that I attributed to my own drawing. I chose a flower because they have many petal just like I have many layers that make me who I am. It takes me a while to warmup to others but once I do people get to see that i am a wonderful person. On the other hand I chose to include some thorns because although I don’t like to be mean to people I can be feisty at times but only when pushed.